The End of NaNoWriMo and Handling the Hangover

NaNoWriMo ends today. That’s right. It’s November 30th and everywhere writers’ fingers are flying over keyboards or scrawling words over pages to hit that magical number. Many already hit their goals and are lounging happily at the finish line. I assure you, my fingers are blowing across the keys at an insane pace as I push to hit the deadline this year.

Did You Win NaNoWriMo

I will update this when I hit 50,000 but I anticipate making the goal with time to spare since my kid has a basketball game tonight. Letting you in on a little secret, it is November 28th and I’m writing this post knowing that I need less than 4,000 words to hit the 50,000. However, my daughter plays basketball tonight, her first game of the season, and I’m not missing that. Then, I have other commitments for projects and that means my book gets pushed aside.

2017 NaNo Final Word Count: 50,746 (updated: 6:56pm 11/30/17)

NaNo Winner

What’s Next?

You read that title right, there is such thing as a NaNo hangover. You write your brains out for thirty days – more than most people write in a year – so there is backlash. You feel, strange not having that novel to turn to. What do you do?


It doesn’t have to be a full length novel, write some poetry or songs or short stories. Just take whatever method you used to work NaNo and apply to your writing life. Write, write, then write some more. Let your NaNo novel sit for a bit – until it doesn’t feel familiar anymore – and then start the edits. But you have time to work on other things. And, for all things good in this world, READ A BOOK!

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