Selah Janel Guest Review: Pilot & Huxley

Selah’s Review of Pilot & Huxley

Another fun read that I found while combing the card catalog in a holiday mood was Pilot & Huxley: The Next Adventure. While not quite Christmas-centric, this definitely has Christmasy characters, but is a nice alternative if you want something that isn’t as sugary sweet as the specials on television this time of year. Although the second book in the series, I didn’t have any trouble following along, and I think kids would be willing to roll with it if it’s something you’re checking out to keep them entertained over break.

The boys are trying to get home from their adventures, but there’s a glitch and they end up in lands that represent holidays, instead. The interesting twist here is that earth makes certain characters act opposite of how they really are – so when ghouls and ghosts show up to haunt on Halloween, they’re actually nice in their own land. Which means…that’s right, you guessed it: Evil Santa.

pilot and huxley

I will say, this keeps things kids friendly, and is pretty hilarious in a what-the-heck way. It’s not horror, and it never gets too over-the-top insane. Some kids may not love the idea of an elf and a reindeer fighting the main characters in gladiatorial combat, but I could see some getting into it.

The art takes obvious glee in showing off how “evil” the Christmas characters are, and shines when there are monsters or creatures or other sci fi/action elements, but also isn’t anything terribly different for a kid’s title.

There are some fun sidekick characters (a zombie girl and a monster shape-changing girl), but be aware that the book is all about Pilot & Huxley, with those and other characters showing up when convenient, but not really sticking around so you can get to know or appreciate them.

Besides that, my biggest gripe is that things move so fast, you don’t get a huge amount of plot. This would be one of those that I’d check out from the library (especially if you can get a few volumes of the series at once), but I don’t know that I’d buy for a Christmas present, save maybe as a stocking stuffer. Definitely geared more toward boys or those who like an overt, funny adventure story, it was a fun read while it lasted.


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