Selah Janel Guest Review: Crogan’s Adventures

Please enjoy Selah’s review of Crogan’s Adventures:

This week’s title is actually another series, and one that could really ignite a love of history. I haven’t read every volume yet, but I happened across it one day at the library and had to check it out.

Crogan’s Adventures tell stories of the Crogan family ancestors. Each volume usually opens with the current Crogan family talking about an issue or project or something as a lead-in to the main story. An ancestor will usually be brought up as the parents tell their children about their relatives and family history. I really love the variety of this series – everything from pirates to the foreign legion. It’s interesting in what the author chooses to show and discuss on each topic and time period, as well. It definitely doesn’t sugar coat things, but doesn’t make things horrifically graphic, either. If anything, it humanizes bits of history that we don’t really think about, or things that have been sensationalized through stories and time. This is definitely an adventure series, so kids who love grand tales of daring will totally get into these books.

Crogan's Adventures

I could also see where this might spark an interest in one’s own family history. The family element is emphasized throughout, most notably at the beginning and end of each volume, so you never forget that these aren’t just supposed to be fun stories – these are an ongoing thread that connects the Crogan family from past to present.

The art is loose, fun, and expressive. It fits the adventure vibe of the series well, but doesn’t get in the way of the more serious or emotional moments.

Definitely recommended for late elementary age and up, and would likely be a fun one to read with parents. Check out the first volume here.


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