Random Writing Prompts for February

For this first installment of random writing prompts, I’m going with a chill February theme. No, that doesn’t mean a lovey dovey, Valentine’s Day-heavy list. Anybody who knows me is well aware of my lifelong disdain for this stupid pink “holiday.” Yes, I use the term holiday loosely with regard to February 14th. Blech.

As promised, I’m working on making this blog writer friendly with plenty of awesome options for authors. Sometimes we end up with wretched writer’s block and just need a little exercise to break through. Pull up these handy dandy prompts because one might just be the way through that brick wall.

Need more incentive to try a prompt? If you put together something you feel is truly special, send it my way and I will post it on the blog with your name attached. Send me the piece, your name, and any links you’d like me to include and I’ll try to highlight you on my blog. Email entries to booksbyviolet@gmail.com. ¬†Happy writing!!

15 Random Writing Prompts

February Random Writing Prompts

Groundhog’s Day

*It’s Groundhogs Day. Punxsutawney Phil refuses to come out of his hole because he is done caving to the whims of humans. In crisp, clear English laced with a few choice words, Phil declines on behalf of all groundhogs. What happens next?

*Forget Bill Murray, you’re stuck in your very own version of Groundhog’s Day. Bonus points if you write it as a drama or thriller.

Valentine’s Day

*Gasp* It’s Valentine’s Day and all the pink hearts have vanished! What are they replaced by and why? How does this change the world?

*Write a love letter to the person you like the least.

*Write a love letter to yourself.

*Give me a scathing review of your favorite romance book.

*Write a glowing review of a romance book you hate.

*Your lover comes home a bit frazzled. You can only make out the words “sorry” and “accident.” What happened?

*I love alternate realities, explanations, and origin stories. Tell me the true story of Cupid.

Winter weather-related

*Do you wanna build a snowman? This isn’t Frosty or Olaf, what does YOUR snowman come alive to accomplish? Does he or she succeed?

*Snow keeps falling with no sign of slowing. Write me an apocalypse from the heart of the newly frozen tundra.

*You’re anything but cozy by a fireplace when your neighbors start disappearing. Being the investigative spirit that you are, what is happening to your fellow homeowners? Can you stop it?


*Using the camera on your phone, close your eyes and snap a picture or take a video. Tell the story of the image.

*You receive a valentine from a secret admirer. Create a story about your anonymous admirer. Bonus points if it’s NOT a standard romance.



*You wake up and realize you can’t remember anything except for one person who you can’t put a name to. Who is this person? How do you know him or her? What do you do next?


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