November 2017 Anticipated New Releases

I’m not going to lie, November 2017 is NOT going to be a big reading month for me. This is NaNoWriMo and that means write, write, write. Still, I’m not skipping the anticipated new releases for this month because, duh, I still love to read. December and January will see me spending a lot of time with my nose in a book…or rather, books.

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November 2017 Anticipated Releases

Bonfire: A Novel

By Krysten Ritter

Release Date: 11/7/17

Okay, sure she’s started out on Veronica Mars and she may be a B and Jessica Jones but this plot sounds decent enough that I’m willing to give it a go.

November anticipated release Bonfire

UPDATE: Here’s the review for Bonfire.

Future Home of a Living God

By Louise Erdrich

Release Date: 11/14/17

Um, this sounds like a dystopian fiction I have to read. Babies are being born primitive, pregnant women are being quarantined, and martial law instated – yes, please.

November Future Home of the Living God

UPDATE 12/4/17: Check out my review – okay, not very glowing – of Future Home of the Living God.

Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Steve Nicks

By Stephen Davis

Release Date: 11/21/17

Stevie Nicks? Yes, yes, I will read this. Thank you. I am such a fan of this woman and her style, how could I NOT read this?

November New Release: Gold Dust Woman

UPDATE 12/9/17: I am so disappointed in this book that I am not even reviewing it for the blog. It is dry and borders on boring.


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