NaNo Week 4 Check-In – Almost There!

It’s time for NaNo Week 4 Check-in! Where are you at? Hitting your word goals?┬áMaybe you’ve already “won” NaNo 2017. If not, there’s still time!

NaNo Week 4 Word Count

As of end of my writing day 11/26/17, my word count is: 44,556.

Thanksgiving Day did not go as I expected – or planned – but that’s okay. It happens. I’m nothing if not adaptable. Friday when most people were shopping or handling turkey hangovers, I was writing like a champ. I often get asked how I do it and my answer is – a timer.

Timing is everything. I woke at 6am, had coffee and watched the local news, handled a little social media, and got down to work. With timers set every hour or two, I force myself to take little breaks to accomplish other things around the house or just game a little. The key is that I set timers for all of it. Other than hitting the bathroom, I don’t take unscheduled breaks. Sure, my phone and iPad are nearby for music and quick research if needed but otherwise, it’s wording.

So, I guess that’s my tip of the day, set a timer.

It’s down to the wire now, that means I’m skipping the word prompts so we can all focus on our stories. I hope yours is shaping up to be amazing!

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