NaNo Week 1 – Getting Off to a Good Start

Admittedly, NaNo week 1 has not gone as well as expected. That happens though. Not that I’m not writing or accomplishing plenty, I am. Unfortunately, none of my words have been for my current WIP.

You see, I write for two blogs, freelance for some regular clients, and try to do writing prompts with my kiddo daily to help her prep for Power of the Pen. That means a lot of words but sadly, not many of them toward my WIP so far. Actually, none of them toward my WIP so far. Not that I won’t still blow this word count out of the water because I know I will, just none of my wording has been toward Apple of My Eye yet.

Some people may say this does not count and to them I say “screw you.” Wording is wording and I word every damn day. That’s the point. Will I finish a novel this month? Hell, yes, I will. Will I get a lot of other words in along the way, yeppers. Am I leaving anything out of my count? Nope. These other projects help me in my quest to finishing my novel.

My NaNo Week 1

I’ve hit 4791 words thus far. Not my best start to NaNo, but not my worst. I have had family in town and some crazy stuff happen with my house so what I have so far is a win in my book. Where are you at? Share in the comments if you like!

Daily Writing Prompt

Going with a picture here, write about this:

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