NaNo KickOff and National Author’s Day

It seems appropriate that NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) would kick off on National Author’s Day, right? I think so too. There’s something about NaNoWriMo that really gets me going. I think it’s the pressure and the deadlines, both push me to produce.

Some authors stayed up to start writing at midnight. It’s not unusual and normally I would be one of those people. I’m writing this post in advance so I won’t be able to tell you until my first check in if I managed it or not. It is a busy week for my family so the likelihood of me staying up until midnight on a school night is slim. Not that it’s completely out of the question. At this point, it is unlikely.

How to Properly Start NaNo

Some of you are laughing at this heading, I’m sure of it. However, the question appears more than two dozen times across the cross-section of author-centric groups I belong to. I always shake my head and frown when people ask things like this. Seriously? If you are a writer you just WRITE. It is hard but it is also quite simple. Just write. If the words don’t come, research, use writing prompts, take a walk but for all that is good in this world, don’t sit around asking advice from other people who will likely give BS answers.

It is NaNo Just Write

Daily Writing Prompt

I’ve decided that during NaNo I will occasionally post writing prompts across the social media platforms. On Twitter and Instagram, I’m @BooksByViolet so look me up, follow me, and let’s do some prompts to shake out the cobwebs. Not having writer’s block? Good on you! Store these little puppies for later on.

To that end, try this one on for size:

You wake up in your childhood bed. Same sounds, same smells, same decor as you remember only the bed seems awfully small and you realize you stepped back into your childhood but not into younger self….

Oh, and Happy National Author’s Day!!!

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