The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

It took me a few days to decide what to say about The Music Shop. Honestly, it took me too long to read this one because I struggled to get excited about it.

Frank runs a record shop on a rundown street that is almost literally held together by the people of the community. He finds music for people, not what they want but what they need. Then a woman arrives who changes everything and the story takes off – sort of. It’s a slow developing romance driven by the music and not without a healthy dose of missed connections and opportunities.

Fantastic characters drive this story but at times they are not enough to hold it together. The former priest, pining tattoo artist, ne’er-do-well shop clerk, and the morticians are intriguing as a supporting cast but despite their efforts, Frank’s life – and the story – still go awry sometimes.

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The Verdict on The Music Shop

I don’t know. If you like literary novels and appreciate music you will probably like it. The characters are great but it just missed the mark with me.

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