Just For Fun

These posts don't really fit anywhere else but they mean something to me. From National Days to Anticipated New Releases, you'll find a smattering of bookish and writing related fun. Maybe I'll even through in some writing challenges for anybody interested in a little friendly competition or Instagram challenges for some added fun!

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Anticipated New Releases

I've been doing this little bit every month. Though I don't hit all of the exciting new releases, I select a few that made my TBR list and might otherwise go unnoticed. I try to provide information about the books with purchase links for those who'd like to read with me.

Fun with National Days

I have a little ritual with my daughter. We sit down and take a look at the National Days calendar to pick out a few interesting ones for our blogs. It's become a bit of a tradition and we enjoy brainstorming ideas for the various days.


From reading lists to wInstagram challenges, these posts encourage growth for participants! Do you have ideas? Send them my way at booksbyviolet@gmail.com.

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