In 27 Days by Alison Gervais

In 27 Days landed on my anticipated releases list many moons ago but I finally secured a copy to read.

This is one that my daughter and I picked out together but I read it first. We tend to switch off so we can cover more books and discard ones we don’t think the other will appreciate. This is one Autumn will enjoy. It’s a quick and easy read, took me a few hours the other night, actually.

Basically, Hadley is a teenager, Archer is a teenager. Archer kills himself. Hadley doesn’t understand it and is actually troubled by it. She attends Archer’s funeral, meets his family, then meets Death. You got it, Death. Hadley makes a deal with Death to go back twenty-seven days and attempt to save Archer from himself. It is soon very clear that there is nothing clean and easy about Archer’s life – or death – and Hadley ends up in over her head. Nothing she can’t handle, right?

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The Verdict on In 27 Days

It’s an impressive debut. I enjoyed the book despite some awkward writing and the general feel of a novice writer. Definitely worth the read.

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