I love networking with other authors. Living in the Midwest means access to A LOT of other writers who have some interesting things to say. This section of my blog is dedicated to other writers as they share the (sometimes strange) inner workings of their minds to give a little insight on where the amazing stories come from. Please be respectful of my guests, they are taking time out of their writing schedules to join us!

Guest Posts

At times, I allow other authors to take over my blog for a day. Essentially, I give them free reign to share their thoughts and ideas with my readers. Variety is the spice of life, after all! Please be kind to my guests, you may find that they have penned your new favorite book!

Guests Image


Have you ever wondered where a particular character came from? What if you could interview a character in a book? These interviews ask my guests to push out of their comfort zones at times but hopefully you’ll find them as rewarding as I do.


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