Great Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Writers

It doesn’t matter what you celebrate – writers are not going to turn away any of these gifts this holiday season. Most writers are, well, poor so we just appreciate the sentiment when somebody gives us a gift. Trust me. It’s true.

Great Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Writers

Handmade gifts

For real, it’s the thought and the effort behind the gift. Think some cookies or candies pilfered from your family stash because we don’t take time to do it for ourselves. Or, those cool spa in a jar things. Totally down with a little “me” time in the tub to stew over the next murder I need to commit in my WIP (that’s work in progress if you’re not down with the acronyms).

Gift cards to bookstores

We read, well, if we really want to succeed at some point, we read. Books are our lifelines. We welcome gift cards that allow us to buy MORE books – Halfprice Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon – we really don’t care.

Gift cards to restaurants

You eat, right? So do we. Of course, we would love to eat more and maybe something besides PB&J and ramen. Just sayin’ it would be great to hit up an actual restaurant.


We really don’t care what you get us, we’ll read it. Used? Who cares. Bring it on because we love the books loved by others.

Craft of Writing Header


I have become partial to Pentel’s Energel pens because you can buy refills and they write SOOO nice. But, pens are cheap and can be found just about anywhere – even the grocery store.


Have to write IN something. Sure, there are some crazy expensive options but I’m good with this little one subject numbers and I know several others who feel the same. Got some left over from your kid’s school stock? Send it our way.

When in doubt, you could always buy our books and then review them and tout them to all of your friends!

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