Grab a Book and Read for National Book Lover’s Day

Grab your favorite read and curl up to read in celebration of National Book Lover’s Day!

National Book Lover's Day

Obviously, I review books regularly on this blog but I do so because I love them. Books transport you to other places, other worlds even. There is nothing like losing yourself in a story. I am sad for people who cannot find escape in books because there are so many worthwhile adventures to take within the pages of a book. I guess you could call this my love letter to books. We have the longest lasting relationship of any love interest. A single book may let me down but collectively, books remain the greatest friend I could ask for.

I recall summers of reading by the pool or in the shade of a giant tree at the campground. When I was sick, I could count on my books to be there for me. Our local library was, and is, a safe haven. I remember my first library card. I’m now on my fourth with a different system than the one I grew up in. It always comes back to books.


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