February 2018 Anticipated New Releases

It’s February 2018 and I’m sure many people are all about the romances this time of year. Not me. I don’t care if there is romance in the story but I am pretty much on hiatus from reading romances right now – until somebody comes up with something interesting.

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February 2018 Anticipated New Releases

How to Stop Time

Author: Matt Haig

Release Date: February 6

A man who looks 41 years old but has really lived for centuries and rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest minds of all time? Factor in his desire for a mundane life and a secret society that keeps him and people like him under wraps and I’m SO in.

Ink, Iron, and Glass

Author: Gwendolyn Clare

Release Date: February 20

Marketed as fantasy and steampunk, this one is either going to be awesome or awful. I don’t see it falling anywhere in the land of mediocre but I will give it a shot since I do so love steampunk. Apparently, in this world there are people who can literally create entire worlds by writing with special pens on special paper.

The Clarity

Author: Keith Thomas

Release Date: February 20

If this book sucks I am going to be so disappointed. It sounds AWESOME and I do have a thing about memories and past lives and all that jazz so I’m eager to see how this plays out.


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