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Writing entails so much more than weaving a story. There are plot twists and character flaws, genre determinations and grammar fails to consider. All of these posts will address aspects of the writing universe. The point is to create discussion for authors and readers - mind your manners, please!

What Readers Can Learn

Writing a book sounds easy, right? You expect your favorite writers to crank them out as fast as you can finish them. Maybe these posts will make you think twice about how much work goes into creating a book. I'm sure authors would love to hear your take on different aspects.

What Authors Can Learn

Again, this is about facilitating discussion about hot topics in the writing world. #verseworldproblems and such. If you are new to the craft, come here to learn. For those who have been around the block (some more than once), please weigh in and impart your wisdom so we can all improve the quality of what we are reading.

Author Services

Coming Soon! Need help with social media? Branding? Promoting your book? Seeking beta readers or editors? This little corner of the blog is a work in progress.


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