Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Caraval is almost everything I’ve heard it would be.

Donatella (Tella) and Scarlett need to escape their lives and where better to run than Caraval, a magical five night experience. Part mystery, part adventure, part game, this experience is unlike anything else in their world. Nobody is who they seem, it is impossible to trust anybody. When Tella is kidnapped for the game, Scarlett must join the game.

For the most part, I love this world. The characters are generally interesting though my gripe is Scarlett. Sure, she needs to grow as a character but for the first half of the book I want to punch her. Oy. I hate idiot girls in teen lit and she walked a very fine line.

We own the book and it is a worthy read though not as good as The Night Circus, in my opinion. If you are interested in purchasing this one, here is the affiliate link to Amazon. There is no extra charge to purchase through this link but we may receive a small commission for the referral.

The Verdict on Caraval

A worthwhile read. Scarlett is a touch annoying but it’s easy enough to get over that. This is definitely a teen read but one of the better options available.

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