Book Reviews

I read a lot and I’m here to create a community of readers and writers who can speak freely and honestly about the books we love (and hate). My book reviews usually do not include spoilers – even if I really want to include them.

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What I don’t review:

  • Erotica – I’ve got nothing against it but I want tweens and teens to be able to check out my blog as well.
  • Authors in my circle – obviously, I have a lot of friends who write. I don’t review their books but I will feature them from time to time and welcome comments/feedback from my readers.
  • Children’s books – I don’t review anything less than teen-level because it doesn’t fit with what I’m trying to do.

Fiction Book Reviews

Other than the above exceptions, I read a little bit of everything and review it here. I believe book reviews heavily influence what is being published and I hope that more people will start to review books on a regular basis to improve the quality of what is being selected for publication. I will try to break down at least some subsections of books in the future, but there are so many cross-genre books that it becomes difficult so you may see some books in more than one sub-section.

Non-Fiction Book Reviews

These will mostly be biographies, books on writing, and motivational-type books. I try to add some non-fiction in to the mix for inspiration, enjoyment, and variety.

Anticipated New Releases

At the beginning of each month I will do a post on new releases that made my TBR list. I’ll update the posts as I read the books and link to the reviews. Do you have books you to add? Email me at

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