Book Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology is the newest addition to my “writers must read” list. It’s not just my fascination with Norse mythology or my love of everything Mr. Gaiman writes, it’s the way the tales flow, one into the next. There are so many origin stories, so many myths and legends that have shaped nearly every story available today and these remind me of our roots.

From the birth of the Gods to their demise, this book is full of beautiful renditions of the legends that influenced so much including modern fiction and comic books. There are explanations for why salmon have thinner tails and where the sun and moon come from. Or discover the tales of Loki’s children and the Gods’ enmity with the giants. Truly, there is something for everyone in this one.

Interested in grabbing your own copy? Here’s the link to Amazon, just click on the image of the book cover and you’re all set. This is an affiliate link but there is no extra charge to you to purchase through this link. We may receive a small commission for the referral but all proceeds go to operation of the blog.

The Verdict on Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology is a beautifully written exploration of Norse legends that everyone should read simply for enjoyment. This book is pure pleasure.

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