Bonfire by Krysten Ritter

Bonfire may be the first book I’ve ever felt would be better as a movie.

Abby Williams is a Chicago-based lawyer who returns home to take on the chemical plant that practically funds the whole town. She faces old ghosts that she never managed to shake off. As her investigation in to Optimal advances, the ties to a former friend’s disappearance after graduation are too strong to ignore.

Not to say I did not enjoy this book, I did, it just felt a little choppy at some points and had a vague screenplay feel. The characters are interesting and while the main character reminds me a bit of Jessica Jones sans the superpowers, I’m perfectly okay with that. There is enough mystery to make it exciting without ever crossing the line into unbelievable. Unfortunately, like most modern mystery/thrillers, the ending did not surprise me.

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The Verdict on Bonfire

Like I said, I think this story and the characters would be better as a movie. It is worth the read in case they don’t make it a movie but I hope they do. Truly.

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