Ash and Quill (The Great Library 3) by Rachel Caine

Ash and Quill is a solid third book in The Great Library series.

What? This is not a trilogy? Indeed, it is not sinceĀ Ash and Quill ends with “Continued in Volume 4 of The Great Library.” Are you kidding me? This is what’s wrong with publishing today. This book could easily have ended with an epic end scene and then an epilogue and been a fantastic ending to the story. But, nooooo, that would apparently be ludicrous. The book had me all the way up to the end and then that. I fear what happens in the next book because I think it’s going to harm my opinion of the series. This book hovers a little too close to drawn out for my tastes so tacking on another does not bode well.

I still appreciate the characters and the world in which they live but a few scenes felt wrong. There is at least one glaring deus ex machina moment that still makes me laugh as I recall it. While the ride is enjoyable, I find it a touch too predictable for my tastes and, as noted above, it should be a trilogy.

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The Verdict on Ash and Quill

Ignore the few inconsistencies and enjoy the world and the characters.

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