ArchEnemy (Looking Glass Wars 3) by Frank Beddor

WOW! The Looking Glass Wars is pretty brilliant as a trilogy but ArchEnemy is an incredible conclusion.

We pick up with Alyss desperate for her imagination powers to return after the devastating end to Seeing Redd. A journey that follows Alyss, Redd, Arch, and, of course, Hatter Madigan, through Wonderland, Earth, and beyond, ArchEnemy is exciting and complete unlike so many other teen reads.

The world of Wonderland is magical and thrilling with heavy steampunk/futuristic themes. Balanced and consistent characters combined with solid, age-appropriate writing remain a winning combination for Beddor. This Alice in Wonderland re-telling stands out among others and does justice to the inspiration.

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ArchEnemy by Frank Beddor

The Verdict on ArchEnemy

Fantastic conclusion to a stunning trilogy. This is how YA/Teen books should be done.



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