And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I have been remiss. I’ve not read any Agatha Christie prior to And Then There Were None. Do not ask how I could possibly survive the Honors English track in High School and College without reading any Agatha Christie. This massive oversight has been corrected.

Agatha Christie is indeed worthy of the acclaim. I do not think anybody will argue the point with me. It is a rare thing for a book to surprise me. My daughter is still in shock that I did not sort this one out. Though I tend to puzzle out the answers to mysteries more often than not, I really did not work this one out. Nor did I want to. The ride is thoroughly enjoyable as the plot thickens.

There is much to love about And Then There Were None – a secluded island, every character with a less than savory past. I only wish I took this journey many years ago. It is difficult to keep the secrets as I write this now but I would not deprive anybody of the joy of reading this book for the first time. If you have not, do it now.

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The Verdict on And Then There Were None

Fantastic read, a truly timeless mystery.

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