About Violet Patterson

Violet Patterson is a top-hat-wearing, no-nonsense-taking, beer-drinking, story-teller. She lives for the convention season and loves wearing costumes, preferably Steampunk-inspired. Violet is as comfortable writing in a coffeehouse as she is drinking a dark stout in the local pub. Buy her a good craft beer and she just might become your friend for life!

A Midwest native, Ms. Patterson prefers to travel and spend as much time as possible out west. Pieces of her heart reside in Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver – if you find them, don’t return them!


Violet as the Steampunk Mad Hatter

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But who is she really?

Violet Patterson is a pen name, a fictitious character established for writing more mature content – not erotica – from the young adult stories released under my real name. I have two children who are very proud that I’m a writer and I don’t want their friends looking up some of my darker stories because they are curious. Ms. Patterson is an extension of me, a caricature of who I am. All thoughts, opinions, and profits are mine and all proceeds are used to maintain this blog as well as KarmicChaos.


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