A Tribute to Tom Petty

I have so many memories tied to Tom Petty tunes that I find it difficult to wade through them to identify the most profound. I’m not sure that it is possible to separate one from the next as they are all tied to my love of his music.

Here I sit at my keyboard, contemplating the loss of my favorite musician of all time. I still cannot wrap my mind around it.

Today, I’m not adding pictures. I’m not worrying about SEO or keywords or any of the blogging nuances that I’ve worked so hard to hone for the past nine months. Today, I’m mourning the loss of an artist who had such an impact on me as a writer, creative, and human being. Sure, it’s easy to cite American Girl or Free Fallin’ as epic songs but for me it goes deeper than that. I look back at Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers and Echo. For the life of me, I cannot think of a more beautiful, heartbreaking song than Echo. It hits me where it counts every time.

My heart hurts today.

I’ve ugly cried since I first heard the news. This post will not go live for two days but I know I will not change it at all. What I write now is raw. I don’t have to dig deep for this one. I don’t have to pretend. This hurts.

A good friend advised me to deal with my grief. She told me not to let anybody cheapen it. I certainly will not.

To some, this may be silly. To them I say, then I am silly. I am silly. I am silly with sadness and grief as a I mourn a brilliant artist who brought so much beauty into the world.

Today, I mourn the loss of one of the greatest musical artists of all time. He truly has found a Room at the Top of the World and left us with nothing but an Echo.

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